The following are pictures from the First Annual Halloween Bike Fest held at the No Problem Race Way in Bellrose, Louisiana on Halloween weekend October 26-27 and 28th.
Reaction Racers Against drugs and No Problem Raceway teamed up to put on one hell of an anything goes bike event, if you missed this one you missed out on the chance to attend a great bike event and be in on the beginning of what wll no doubt become a great yearly event.
There was something for everybody, drag races, slow races, barrel races, weenie bite, bikini contest, beer, babes and music.
There was great weather and enough camping area for everyone. (DON'T MISS THIS ONE NEXT YEAR)

Below is the run patch for the Halloween BikeFest.

There was no run pin this year (Maybe next year)

This is a picture of the opening ceremony, flags represented each branch of the Military and were held by a veteran of each branch. The Master of Ceremony (A native American) Played a Native American Prayer on a wooden flute.
A very moving moment.
A view looking down part of the midway to the camping area.
this is a picture of one part of the parking area (Not a bad turn out for the first year)
Ah, a picture of the old weenie bite, need I say more.
Picture of the barrel race, one of my favorites next to the slow race. Both take riding skill! That is if you expect to win.
A picture of the midway and vendor area.
Another view of the camping/parking area
Man there was some nice looking bikes here.

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