MemorialDay Blowout Pictures

2001 Gulfport Mississippi Memorial Day Blowout Bike show pictures

I just love this old 45 Flathead, it's not hitech or state of the art but it sure brings back some sweet memories of a happy time.
Here is yet another vintage 45 cubic inch. Harley, except this is a trike that was known as a Servi-car used mainly by Police Departments and delivery services.
Great looking VW Trike with an equally great looking paint job. (I think I just found out who owns this trike)
To me this is what I would call a clean trike,
no unnecessary garbage.
Man, check out the rake & extension on this Shovelhead, looks like bikes from my younger riding day's
There's nothing to say here, terrific bike!
Now, just to show I'm not completely prejudice here is a Honda. (but it's not a true trike because it still has the rear wheel of the bike, so what does that make it a 4 wheeler? or perhaps a bike with training wheel's!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed looking at these bikes and trikes as much as I did except you could'nt enjoy the environment of the Blowout. (You really should try to make it to the Blowout in Mississippi over next Memorial Day weekend I guarantee you'll have a great time.)



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