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RoadHog has found another great watering hole.
Pictured below is a place known as Maw's Roadhouse or Club 22.
The beer is cold and the people are friendly

This biker friendly bar is owned and operated by Maw and don't let the name fool ya, I'll show you a photo of Maw a little later.
Maw's Roadhouse is located at 20523 highway 22 in Ponchatoula, Louisiana and well worth the ride.
Do yourself a favor, stop in and have a cold one and tell Maw RoadHog sent you!

Frone view of Maw's Roadhouse

Ok guys this is Maw

RoadHog,  Maw & Wizard partying

The party moves outside

Now this ain't your usual dunking booth!
What's Jay doing back there?

Everyone had a great time,
Hey she looks good wet!

chrystal serves us a couple of cold beers
Man it don't get any better then this,  cold beer and good looking women

Mark & Charley,  Hey were hungry!

Ah,  Maw makes some great jambalaya,
salad and beans

Saturday night 06/29/02 Steph pole dancing,  the party continues!!

RoadHog, Sin & Wizard,  Sin is the webmistress for Maw's Roadhouse website.
Check out her work at

If you think Maw's Roadhouse is your kind of place and would like more information such as upcoming events and entertainment etc. click on MAW'S ROADHOUSE

RoadHog wholeheartedly recommends Maw's Roadhouse



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